Turkish Salad

Turkish salad bar

Ever wonder what the healthiest meal in Turkey is? Well, luckily it is the Turkish salad bar, a refreshing yet lesser-known luxury that happens to exist in nearly every town, highway and bus stop in Turkey   Turkish salad Let’s face it; we are all trying to eat healthier and incorporate more vegetables and grains …

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Creamy spinach pasta

Creamy spinach pasta

Many eat spinach throughout the year thanks to high-quality freezing techniques but years ago, you didn’t have the luxury of just going and getting some when you felt like it. Spinach doesn’t have much of a unique or strong flavor – which is the reason why you can make green cakes with it without having …

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Different falafel

Falafel but different Chickpeas are great and all but I could never get over the fact that falafels are so dry. I know, add sauce or alike to make it less dry but why not try something different? These are made with lentils and taste quite good! Ingredients 350 grams lentils 1 onion 2-3 cloves …

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Potato pumpkin salad

Potato pumpkin salad

Potato pumpkin salad Sometimes keeping it simple is the best choice. I absolutely love pumpkin pretty much everywhere so making a simple potato salad with it is a no-brainer. The sweetness of the pumpkin paired with the lemon juice gives it a nice balance and yes: You can (and honestly should) eat this as a …

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Vegan brownie

No-bake vegan brownie

No-bake vegan brownie I always like to have something sweet, so having something on the healthier side can’t hurt. I always have way too many dates at home, so that is a fun way to use those as well. Adding more nuts or dried berries or alike is encouraged! This is just a suggestion, make …

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