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Genetic Programming: Exploring the Feasibility and Potential Implications of Instilling Knowledge in Newborns

Title: Genetic Programming: Feasibility and Implications of Early Knowledge Inculcation Excerpt: The concept of genetically programming newborns with knowledge has sparked considerable debate regarding its feasibility and potential implications. This article delves into the scientific basis, ethical considerations, and practical challenges associated with this radical approach. By critically examining current research and expert opinions, we aim to shed light on the viability of instilling knowledge in newborns and its ramifications for society.


Decrease cancer risk

The lymphatic system, or lymphoid system, is an organ system in vertebrates that is part of the immune system, and complementary to the circulatory system. Our body is composed of different systems ruled by a governing system that allows all the others to work seamlessly. This overarching system is called the immune system. The immune …

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Covid can cause brain shrinkage

Scientists say damage primarily affects brain tissue linked to memory and smell Covid-19 can cause brain shrinkage and tissue damage, with some patients experiencing three times the brain degeneration of those who didn’t catch the virus, according to a University of Oxford study published on Monday. The study involved 785 UK participants aged between 51 …

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New coronavirus

New coronavirus strain found

Covid-fighting antibodies do not protect from a new strain of coronavirus Chinese scientists have warned of “a potential bio-safety threat” presented by a new strain of coronavirus, which, subject to mutation, may be passed from animals to humans and cannot be “cross-neutralized” by Covid-targeting antibodies. The researchers, most of whom come from Wuhan University, “unexpectedly …

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Fertility or pregnancy not affected by Covid-19 vaccination

One of the biggest fears and doubts that makes people think twice before getting vaccinated is its impact on pregnancy and fertility. Now, a new study has found that vaccination against Covid-19 did not affect fertility outcomes in patients undergoing in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The findings, which were published in ‘Obstetrics & Gynecology’ (the Green Journal), …

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Super immunity to Covid

“Amazingly high” immune response discovered in fully jabbed people who also caught the disease Fully vaccinated people who catch Covid, as well as those who had the disease prior to the jabs, get rewarded with the best immune responses, a new study has found. Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) researchers took samples from 104 …

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Omicron Covid strain evolved in mice – Chinese study

Researchers’ findings have backed the theory that “Omicron may have evolved in a non-human animal species” The study into Omicron, published in the Journal of Biosafety and Biosecurity, found that “coronavirus slowly accumulated mutations over time in mice” before the virus was then “transmitted back to humans by reverse zoonotic.” The research, led by Dr. …

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