Anatolian Food

Anatolian food

For most of us, food usually represents sustenance and sometimes gastronomic pleasure, however, some among us see and appreciate food as a reservoir of information that holds up a mirror to the past as a narrator of history. For a region rich in history like Anatolia, this particular route can offer vital insights into what […]

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Turkish dessert ‘künefe’

With nonfungible tokens (NFT) trending globally, the mouth-watering famous Turkish dessert künefe has been converted into an NFT project by the Turkish dessert brand Beyzade Künefe following a wave of inspiration from retro games such as Alien Invasion, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Battle City, Tetris and Super Mario. Originated in the southeastern part of Turkey, especially

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Turkish veggie recipes

Vegetables can taste good! Venture beyond kebabs and check out some delicious vegetarian recipes from Turkish cuisine When thinking of Turkish cuisine, most people directly think of kebabs and sizzling meats in many forms such as köfte or döner. While I do agree that Turkish cuisine loves its meat dishes, the variety it has to

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Turkish Salad

Turkish salad bar

Ever wonder what the healthiest meal in Turkey is? Well, luckily it is the Turkish salad bar, a refreshing yet lesser-known luxury that happens to exist in nearly every town, highway and bus stop in Turkey   Turkish salad Let’s face it; we are all trying to eat healthier and incorporate more vegetables and grains

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Creamy spinach pasta

Creamy spinach pasta

Many eat spinach throughout the year thanks to high-quality freezing techniques but years ago, you didn’t have the luxury of just going and getting some when you felt like it. Spinach doesn’t have much of a unique or strong flavor – which is the reason why you can make green cakes with it without having

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Different falafel

Falafel but different Chickpeas are great and all but I could never get over the fact that falafels are so dry. I know, add sauce or alike to make it less dry but why not try something different? These are made with lentils and taste quite good! Ingredients 350 grams lentils 1 onion 2-3 cloves

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Potato pumpkin salad

Potato pumpkin salad

Potato pumpkin salad Sometimes keeping it simple is the best choice. I absolutely love pumpkin pretty much everywhere so making a simple potato salad with it is a no-brainer. The sweetness of the pumpkin paired with the lemon juice gives it a nice balance and yes: You can (and honestly should) eat this as a

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Vegan brownie

No-bake vegan brownie

No-bake vegan brownie I always like to have something sweet, so having something on the healthier side can’t hurt. I always have way too many dates at home, so that is a fun way to use those as well. Adding more nuts or dried berries or alike is encouraged! This is just a suggestion, make

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