New coronavirus

Tips to protect your newborn from Omicron; symptoms to watch out for

Tips to protect your newborn from Omicron; symptoms to watch out for

Babies under age 1 may be at higher risk of getting severe illness with Covid-19 than older children because of their immature immune system. While Omicron so far is causing mild illness in people, one cannot take chance with their little one’s health.

New coronavirus
New coronavirus

First and foremost, as primary caregivers, parents must wear mask all the time while handling the babies and wash their hands frequently. While they should make sure to get fully vaccinated, the babies should get their flu shots.

Parents must maintain a safe distance from their newborn if they have symptoms such as cough, scratchy throat, body pain, fever, and tiredness,” says Dr Jagdish Kathwate, Consultant Neonatologist & Paediatrician, Motherhood Hospital Kharadi Pune.

Proper ventilation is of paramount importance when it comes to protecting your newborn from a Covid infection. Keep the baby in a room that is properly ventilated. Avoid venturing out with the baby to a relative’s place or in the neighbourhood. Remember that Omicron is highly transmissible. So, you will have to be careful,” says the paediatrician.

The expert says that any sign of cough, vomiting and fever in your little one should not be ignored at all and a doctor must be consulted on an urgent basis.

Self-medication is not recommended at all as it can be risky for the child,” says the doctor.

There is no evidence available about the transmission of active Covid-19 infection through breast milk and breastfeeding. So, Covid positive mothers should consult the doctor before breastfeeding the baby, according to expert.

Here are other tips parents should keep in mind while caring for their newborn:

* Wear masks around the baby

* Wash hands frequently

* Get vaccinated for Covid. Ensure your baby get flu shot

* Do not take your baby to crowded places or any social gathering.

* Avoid being around sick people with your baby.

* Don’t allow visitors at home