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10 Effective Anti-aging Techniques: Expert Insights

10 Effective Anti-aging Techniques: Expert Insights Aging is an inevitable part of life, but there are ways to slow down the process and maintain a youthful appearance. We spoke to experts who shared their insights on the most effective anti-aging techniques. From skincare routines to lifestyle changes, these tips can help you age gracefully.

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Relax with yoga

Living in a fast-paced society makes it difficult to find the time to accomplish all the things on our todo list, let alone find the time to relax. The Eastern practice of yoga has become a modern-day symbol of peace, serenity and wellbeing in the West. More and more centers are offering yoga classes in …

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Iskender Kebab

Iskender Kebab

İskender kebap is a Turkish dish that consists of sliced döner kebab meat topped with hot tomato sauce over pieces of pita bread and generously slathered with melted special sheep’s milk butter and yogurt. It can be prepared from thinly and carefully cut grilled lamb or chicken. Tomato sauce and melted butter are generally poured …

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Yoga arthritis and weight loss

Arthritis patients can greatly improve their quality of life by losing weight. Yoga is a safe and effective way to increase physical activity for people with arthritis. Arthritis can render your bones and joints weak and feeble affecting daily movements and deteriorating quality of life. The degeneration of bones cannot be reversed in this autoimmune …

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Banana bread

Making banana bread is incredibly simple and tasty. It’s also healthier than most baked products, making it a fantastic snack to keep on hand and a well-liked dessert recipe. Banana bread is popular with both children and adults due to its sweet flavour and soft texture. A strong source of essential vitamins and minerals, banana …

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Peanut butter benefits

Peanut butter has many benefits. A delicious spread for a weight loss snack, it helps promote satiety and keeps you full for long. But beware of these side-effects in case your peanut butter gets spoiled.  Peanut butter is fast gaining popularity as a superfood that is also great for heart health if consumed in moderation …

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