Army of Love

“Army of love” is neither a party nor an organization. but it has a purpose, objective, and constitution.

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Army of Love

1- Our main goal is to promote love and end hatred.

2- We promote love and justice.

3- There is no membership and no fees.

4- All wars must end immediately.

5- We must save lives as much as we can.

6- There is no religion is involved. we respect all religions.

7- If you can save only one life, you are blessed entire your life.

8- Love is the only way we can understand each other and communicate.

9- Justice must be established, Justice is the essential part of love.

10- If you join us, let others to join us, simple by word of mouth, or promoting us in social media.

11- We love you. We love all creatures. We love our earth.

12- We must save the earth, by ending global warming, wars and hatred.

13- We must love the nature.

14- We should find clean energy sources which do not harm our environment.

15- We must help each other, start with your neighbors.

16- Borders must be lifted. This is our earth all.

17- Education must be promoted and peace and love must be taught in schools.

18- We must help the poor, with our own will. This can be in anyway, teaching, helping and even comforting.

19- Setting time to help disabled.

20- Plant trees and flowers, help the animals and beautify our earth.

21- We all have the right to love and be loved.

22- Love is power.

23- Let’s melt all guns. Make them into coins and give them to the poor.

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That was not too complicated. Become a soldier of “Army of Love” and start helping us, and making a better world with everlasting peace. Use icons below to promote this message. You can save a life today.