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Pulse 12

JW Fishers top-of-the line boat towed pulse detector detects both ferrous( iron/steel) and non-ferrous(gold/silver/bronze/aluminum etc.) metals. Its 24 inch X 36 Inch coil provides extremely high sensitivity and has an extra large(16ft. X 24ft.) detection area. The pulse 12 can, in fact, detect a one gallon can six feet away. Basic unit comes with control box, search coil with 150 ft. cable (300 ft optional), and a fish. Two additional search coils can be added, complete with cable and fish, for maximum coverage.

  • Detector is very sensitive and stable
  • Can tow up to three search coils
  • Extra large 16 ft. X 24 ft. detection area
  • 150/300 ft cable
  • 1-6 mph Tow speed
  • Detection alarm
  • Powered by two 12v batteries
  • Can be converted for land use
  • Two year warranty

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