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AT Pro is Garrett’s all-new, all-terrain, all-treasure, deep-seeking, professional treasure hunter’s detector!




AT Pro Metal Detector

This all-terrain detector offers new and exclusive Garrett technology that makes it ideal for hunting coins, relics, caches, jewelry, and even gold nuggets.  Select from either Standard or Professional search modes with enhanced audio features. The new Garrett At Pro metal detector is designed for treasure hunting both on land and in the water. Now you can experience extreme depth and performance in a professional metal detector. Designed from the ground up to be used in all terrains. The AT Pro is one detector that is engineered to meet all of your treasure hunting needs. The Garret AT Pro creates a new International standard for All Terrain Metal Detectors around the world.The Garrett AT Pro is designed using a waterproof control housing and waterproof connections. These features protect the detector in dust, murky, wet and moist environments. The AT Pro can be submerged in water to a depth of 10 feet. Use it to treasure hunt along the shore, in ponds, streams and swimming spots. Head back to those old forgotten swimming holes and recover lost valuables missed by other detectorists. Now you can experience one detector that is equally good on land or in the water. Take your treasure hunting to a new extreme.







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The ATPro comes with Arm strap, Manual, Instructional DVD, 2 year warranty card, Alkaline batteries, LAND Headphones, Garrett Searcher Newsletter , You can choose 10 Gifts



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AT Pro Metal Detector with Standard search Coil

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Alkaline Batteries

Arm Strap


Instructional Manual

AND DVD Included

Lost Treasure Book


Garrett New Searcher Newsletter


Two Year Both Parts and Labor Full Warranty


Mix and Match any gifts

High quality pouch


Detector Carry Bag


$9.95 Book "Treasure Hunting "Free $9.95 Book "Coin Hunting" Free Custom made rain cover





Stainless Steel digger


Sawtooth digger Regular Coin Probe Cash/Trash Apron


$9.95 Book "Ghost Town "Free

$9.95 Book "Gold Panning " Free


$9.95 Book "Treasure Caches " Free $9.95 Book "You Can Find Gold " Free Custom Made Coin Probe


10X Magnifier


Treasure Hunter's

"Baseball Cap "


4 AA Rechargeable

NiCad Or NiMH Batteries

Wall Charger For Nicads and NiMH Batteries Composite Digger


White Cotton Small Accessory bag

32X8X8 (inches)


Jeweler's Gem Jars Quantity 6 Jars per gift

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