DetectionNet Aids Metal Detectors of All Skill Level in Locating Detectors

Silicon Valley, CA -- ( -- 4/15/2014 -- With a growing popularity over the last 40 years, the hobby of metal detecting has captured the imagination of men and women across the country. According to Sean Rab, spokesperson for DetectionNet, the technological advances made to metal detectors have made it easier than ever before for newcomers to become caught up in the hobby.

Key Features of Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector and Specs

Garrett Ace 250 metal detector Key Features

General metal detecting questions for the users of metal detectors

General Detecting Questions
Can one detector really do it all?

Most detectors are designed to excel at one type of hunting or another but can be used for other types of hunting as well. For example, most gold prospecting machines use some form of higher gain in the circuitry to get better sensitivity to small gold nuggets in the ground. While this is a good thing for prospectors, coin hunters may find it annoying that their detectors are picking up every bit of a pulltab that has been run over with a lawnmower.

Metal Detectors FAQs

FAQs Metal Detectors
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

metal detector faqs detectors detecting tv

FAQs Metal Detectors  FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

more metal detecting terms

metal detector terms:



All-Metal Mode

A metal detector setting that detects all metal objects no discrimination


The background audio level produced when no target is being detected - it is best to adjust the audio threshold to the lowest audible level, and recommended the operator use headphones when treasure hunting


Metal Detector Terms Part II

Eddy Currents : Small circulating currents produced on the surface of metal by the transmitted electromagnetic field. These currents then produce a secondary electromagnetic field which is then detected by the search coil receiver windings resulting in inductive imbalance between the windings

Trying to figure out which metal detector is the best for you

metal detectors

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ACE™ 350


Metal Detectors used for Security and Treasure Hunting

Metal Detector Terms Part III

DetectionNet Metal Detectors

Narrow Response : A target that produces an audio response so short that pinpointing is almost not needed

Negative Ground: Soil that contains non-conductive minerals which have a negative or nulling effect on an air-tuned threshold.

Neutral Ground : Soil that has no nonconductive or conductive mineral properties. Lacks mineralization.

Ni-Cad: A rechargeable type of battery cell.


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