Garrett Infinium ls land and sea LS Metal Detector's Key Features pulse induction PI P.I.

Key Features of Infinium LS land and sea :Audio Threshold, Adjustable: adjust to user's preference

  • Circuit type: Advanced Pulse Induction technology for automaticcancellation of salt/ground mineralization
  • User-adjustable Discrimination with Quick Iron Check
  • User-adjustable Frequency: adjust to reduce interference
  • Automatic Ground Track with 3 settings:
    • Slow—Use over slowly changing ground mineralization.
    • Lock—Locks ground track setting; use for most ground conditionsand offers maximum depth.
    • Fast—Use over extreme or quickly changing ground mineralization.
  • Volume control: on land headphones (included)
  • Hip Mount Battery Pack: reduces detector weight for long searches
  • Salt Elimination Aid: eliminate interference of salt mineralization at beach
  • Battery Life: Alkaline (included), 10-15 hours. Battery recharger for AC andautomobile included. Rechargeable (included), 7-10 hours.

Search Modes :

  • Motion All Metal with adjustable PI discrimination

Infinium LS Metal Detector
Product No. 1152070

Specifications   :

Multiple Frequency Technology

96 frequencies

Circuit Type

Advanced Pulse Induction


Full Range (PI)

Search Modes

Motion, All Metal Deepseekingwith Adjustable PI discrimination

Detection Frequency

730 pulses per second, adjustable

Submersion Depth

200 feet (65m); (underwaterheadphones required)

Standard Searchcoil

10"x14" PROformance™ DD

Standard Land Headphones

Included; weight 16 oz. (.45 kgs.)

Length (Adjustable)

28" to 52" (.71m - 1.32m)

Total Weight

5.5 lbs. (2.5 kgs.) stem-mounted,3.8 lbs. (1.72 kgs.) hip-mounted

Control Housing

31 oz. (.88 kgs.)

Detector Buoyancy

Near neutral


8 AA (included); rechargeables included


2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor

Infinium LS is the best salt water PULSE INDUCTION metal detector

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